Index of Authors

BenChouikha, M.

An Improved BDJ Photodetector Physical Model Implemented Under SPICE

Bender, M.

NILCom® – Commercialization of Nanoimprint Lithography

Bendiscioli, P.

Health monitoring of flexible composite plates: a MEMS-based approach

Bendix, P.

Detailed Comparison of the SP2001, EKV, and BSIM3 Models

Application of Genetic Algorithm to Compact Model Parameter Extraction

Bendixen, N.

Membrane-Particle Interactions in Asymmetric Flow Field Flow Fractionation (A4F) – The Influence of the ζ-Potential

Bendzko, P.

TMAZ Nanoparticles as Potential Drugs Influencing the Cellular Signal Transduction Pathways

Benedikt, G.

Surfactant-Activated Microgels

Bengtsson, S.

Growth of Individual Vertically Aligned Nanotubes/Nanofibers with Small Diameter by PECVD on Different Metal Underlayers

Benhaddou, D.

Wireless sensor networks for space applications

Benhamou, P-Y.

The Physics of Pressure Powered Micro-Flow Focusing Device for the Encapsulation of Live Cells

New microfluidic chip for the production of spherical gelled capsule for cell encapsulation

Benhar, I.

Targeted Drug-carrying Filamentous Phage Nanomedicines

Benight, A.S.

DNA/Cellulose hybrid nanomaterials

Benjamin, K.

Targeting Nanoparticle Probes to Differentiating Stem Cells

Benkoski, J.

Topical Sensory Nanoparticles for in vivo Biomarker Detection

NanoBandage for Controlled Release of Topical Therapeutics

Benkstein, K.D.

Nanomaterials-Enabled Photonic and Chemiresistive Sensing of Chemicals and Biochemicals

Benlarbi-Delapï, A.

Microwave Short-Range Interferometric Radar

Bennaser, M.

Self-Healing Wire-Streaming Processors on 2-D Semiconductor Nanowire Fabrics