Index of Authors

Belosludov, V.R.

Theoretical Modeling of Phase Diagram of Clathrate Hydrates toward Hydrogen Storage Applications

Belousov, A.N.

Spectrum of Application Magnetite Nanopaticles in Medicine

The influence of magnetite nanoparticles (MCS-B) on the hemolysis of erythrocytes

Ultrastructure of hepatic cells in rabbits after injection of nanoparticles MCS-B

Application Magnetite of Nanoparticles (ICNB Preparation) as Magnetically-Resonant Contrasting Means During Visualization of Tumours

Belov, N.

Nanochip - Ultra-High Data Density MEMS Memory Device

Beltran, J.C.

Multifunctional Fe3O4/ZnO core-shell nanoparticles for photodynamic therapy

Beltran-Huarac, J.

Water Synthesis of Glutathione- capped Cadmium Selenide Quantum Dots and Stabilization by PVP coating at Room Temperature

Beltz, G.E.

A Nanoscale Composite Material for Enhanced Damage Tolerance in MEMS Applications

Bemis, J.

AM-­FM and Loss Tangent Imaging-Two New Tools for Quantitative Nanomechanical Properties

Ben Azouz, A.

Effect of laser processing parameters and glass type on topology of micro-channels

Ben Rhouma, K.

Effects of ZnO nanoparticles and ZnCl2 solution on rat liver and kidney

Effects of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles (TiO2) on Behavioral Parameters of Rats

Ben Slama, I.

Effects of ZnO nanoparticles and ZnCl2 solution on rat liver and kidney

Ben Slima, M.

Towards an Integrated Environment for Modeling and Simulating an Electro-Optic Measurement Microsystem

Ben-Naser, M.

Wire-Streaming Processors on 2-D Nanowire Fabrics

Benaben, P.

Impact of Ink Synthesis on Processing and Properties of Inkjet-Printed Silicon Thin Films

Benabid, A.L.

Development of a specific micro/nanodevice validating the concept of molecular biopsy

Benachaiba, C.

Comparaison between PDMS and PMMA for MEMS applications

Benahmed, A.

Using Surface Plasmon Propagation through Nanostructures for Chemical and Biological Sensing