Index of Authors

Beardmore, K.

Diffusion Mechanisms and Capture Radii in Silicon

Diffusion Mechanisms and Capture Radii in Silicon

Beardmore, S.

Fast DNA Hybridization on a Multi-Sample Multi-probe Microfluidic Microarray Compact Disc

Bearinger, J.P.

Nanoscale Bio-Molecular Control Using EC-OWLS

Biomolecular Patterning via Photocatalytic Lithography

Beaux, M.

Delivery of Shiga Toxin 1 A Subunit into Epithelial Cells Using Silica-Based Nanowires

Engineering High Surface Area Catalysts for Clean Tech Applications

Beaux, M.F.

Nanospring™ Enhanced Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay for Increased Sensitivity and Early Detection

Bebenek, I.G.

Risk Ranking Framework to Assess the Health Hazard of Nanomaterial-Containing Products in an Industrial and Consumer Application Setting

Bebout, L.E.

Luminescent Solar Concentrator windows for sustainable electricity generation over agricultural land

Becheri, A.

Poly(acrylic) acid-coated Silver Nanoparticles for Antibacterial Textile Finishing

Bechteler, T.

Coupling Spring Design and Insertion Loss Minimization of Second Order MicroElectroMechanical Filters

Bechtold, S.

Computer Aided Modeling of Static and Dynamic Transfer Characteristics

Bechtold, St.

Optimized Behavioral Model of a Pressure Sensor Including the Touch-Down Effect

Bechtold, T.

Krylov-Subspace-Based Order Reduction Methods Applied to Generate Compact Thermo-Electric Models for MEMS

Error Estimation for Arnoldi-based Model Order REduction of MEMS

Becker, H.-W.

Physical properties of multilayer thin films of Ti-V and their hydrides studied by ion beam analysis methods

Becker, K.-F.

Development of a Scalelable Interconnection Technology for Nano Packaging

Micro to Nano – Scaling Packaging Technologies for Future Microsystems

Becker, R.

Efficient Numerical Methods for the Simulation of Flow Reactors