Index of Authors

Basu, I.

Potentiometric Biosensors Based on Silicon and Porous Silicon

Bateman, V.I.

Micromachined Accelerometer Design, Modeling and Validation

Bates, F.S.

Epoxy Toughening with Nano-Sized Amphiphilic Block Copolymer Micelles

Bath, F.

Comparing Nanorulers for Nanoparticles

Bath, M.

ChiralMEM: a Novel Concept for High Density Magnetic Memory Technology

Bathurst, S.P.

Thermal Stability of Nano-Structured Selective Emitters for Thermo Photovoltaic

Batina, N.

Self-assembled Film of Cholesterol Molecules on the Au (111): An STM Study

Batra, I.P.

Electronic Properties and Transport in Silicon Nanowires

Battacharyya, D.

Resistance and Potentiostatic Based Measurements of an Antibody Functionalized Conductive Polymer Coated Textile as a Biosensor

Battaglia, G.

Controlling pH responsive polymersome assembly

Three-dimensional cell instructive scaffolds to direct stem cell fate

A Non-toxic Cellular Staining Agent Based on Fluorescently Labeled Poly[2-(methacryloyloxy)ethyl phosphorylcholine]

Polymersomes and Imaging: A Quantitative Approach

Polymersome macromolecule delivery across intact human skin

Polymersomes as model of transcytosis across Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB)

Batteate, P.

Burned Metal Phenomenon: A Study of Critical Factors and Their Effects on IC Devices during Parallel Lapping

Battista, L.

U.S. Army Development of Active Smart Coatings™ System for Military Vehicles

Battiston, F.M.

Nanomechanical Cantilever Bio-Sensors for Time-Resolved Detection of DNA and Surface Layer Formation

Battiston, S.

Synthesis and Characterization of Single Wall Carbon Nanohorns Produced by Direct Vaporization of Graphite

Influence of molecular weight of PVP on aggregation and thermal diffusivity of silver-based nanofluids