Index of Authors

Briano, J.

Raman Spectroscopy Study of SOx Species Adsorbed on Au Nanocluster Surfaces

Briano, J.G.

Growth Kinetics of Gold Nanoparticles

Real Time Kinetic Measurements of Silver Nanocluster Growth

Polydisperse Mixture of Gold Nano-Particles

Growth Kinetics of Gold Nanoparticles in Reverse Micelles

Briber, R.M.

Guided Self-Assembly of Block-Copolymer Nanostructures

Briceño, J.

Evaluation of the Treatment for Petroleum Production Wastewater Industry Using Artificial Wetland Planted with Eichhornia Crassipes

Briddon, S.

The Potential use of Fluorescent Nanoparticles from Hydrothermal Synthesis in Cell Imaging

Bridges, G.E.

Microfluidic electromanipulation with capacitive detection for cell diagnostic applications

Capacitance signatures for rapid detection of the polarity of the dielectrophoretic force on single yeast cells

Bridot, J.-L.

Imaging the Distribution of High Colloidal Stability Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles (MSNs) with PET and MRI

Brigati, J.R.

Nanofabrication of Bioselective Materials using Diverse Nanolandscapes Displayed on Live Viruses

Briggs, B.

The Importance of Accurate Open Channel Flow Measurement

Briggs, G.A.D.

Simulation of Porous Si and SiOx Layer Growth

Briggs, J.

Mobile Wave Energy Harvesting System

Bright, V.M.

Micromachined Thermal Multimorph Actuators Fabricated by Bulk-etched MUMPs Process

Micromachined Piezoresistive Tactile Sensor Array Fabricated by Bulk-etched MUMPs Process

Briglio, N.M.

Size Dependence Of Conjugation of Amyloid Beta Protein On Gold Colloidal Nanoparticles’ Surfaces

Briguglio, N.

Investigation of a short stack PEM electrolyzer based on a nanosized IrO2 anode electrocatalyst

Brinker, C.J.

Self-Assembly and Integration of Ordered, Robust, Three-Dimensional Gold Nanocrystal/Metal Oxide Superlattices