Index of Authors

Boyoglu-Barnum, S.

The Intracellular Co- localizations of Different Size of Gold Nanoparticles

Boyraz, O.

Demonstration of Pulsed Silicon Raman Laser

Boženko, J.

Preparation of a new generation porous thermal insulation mass using functional nanomaterials

Božič, M.

Sustainable and high-performable nano-structured biopackaging materials

Bozin, E.S.

The use of PDF analysis to investigate local structure and domains

Bozkurt, F.

Nanobiotechlogy: Applications in Food Science and Engineering

Bozorgi, P.

Application of YAG Laser Micro-Welding in MEMS Packaging

Braack, M.

Efficient Numerical Methods for the Simulation of Flow Reactors

Brabazon, D.

Analysis of prediction capability for internal micro-channels fabrication in polycarbonate and PMMA

Effect of laser processing parameters and glass type on topology of micro-channels

Braden, R.

Synthesis and Propertie of CNT Yarns and Sheets

Bradley, K.

Nano-Electronic Sensors - Practical Device Designs for Sensors

Bradley, T.

Surface Modification of Perovskite Manganite Thin Films using Atomic Force Microscopy

Braeken, D.

On Chip Induced Phagocytosis for Improved Neuronal Cell Adhesion

Construction of High-performance Biosensor Interface through Solvent Controlled Self-assembly of PEG grafted Polymer

Braeuer, A.

In situ optical investigations into the nucleation and growth mechanism of carbon nanotubes

Brain, J.

A novel technique for toxicological characterization of engineered nanomaterials

Brakke, K.

Self-alignment of Silicon Chips on Wafers: the Effect of Spreading and Wetting

Brakke, K.A.

Open-Surface Microfluidics

Bralts, V.

Modeling of liquid pumping via microchannels