Index of Authors

Bizimungu, R.

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Durability of Pt/MWCNT Nanocatalyst in High Temperature H3PO4/PBI PEMFC

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Lattice Fringe Fingerprinting in Two Dimensions with Database Support

Image-based Nanocrystallography in Two and Three Dimensions with

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Nanoconjugates of poly(malic acid) with functional modules for drug delivery

Development of Nanoconjugate with Different Monoclonal Antibodies to Inhibit Molecular Targets Important for Tumor Angiogenesis

Exposure to nanoparticles collected in the Los Angeles basin in California leads to the up regulation to brain associated genes

Polymalic acid-based nanodrugs: Anti-tumor efficacy and host compatibility

Molecular Changes in Rat Brain Due to Air Nano Pollution

Blackburn, J.

Quantification of Properties for Ferroelectric Thin Films Using Piezo-response Force Microscopy

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Effect of Carbon Black and Silver Nanoparticle Loading on the Structural and Thermo-Mechanical Properties of Chitosan-Based Films

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Magnetically associated carbon nanotubes with mammalian cells: flow cytometry characterization and applications

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Dilute Methane Pollution Control That Produces Continuous Clean Renewable Energy

Blais-Ouellette, S.

Raman Spectroscopy hyperspectral imager based on Bragg Tunable Filters

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Structural Optimization of Nanoclusters with Adaptive Tempering Monte Carlo Method

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From MEMS to NEMS: Modelling and characterization of the non linear dynamics of resonators, a way to enhance the dynamic range

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Peptide-Mediated Cellular Delivery of Semiconductor Quantum Dots