Index of Authors

Arshak, K.

Aspect Ratio Improvement using the 2-step NERIME FIB Top Surface Imaging Process for Nano-lithography Applications

Fabricating Nanoscale Features Using the 2-Step NERIME TSI Nanolithography Process

Fabrication & Integration of nanobolometer sensors on a MEMs process

Arslan, A.

From Synthesis Gas to a Clean Transportation Fuel Dimethyl Ether: New Nanocomposite Bifunctional Catalyst Pairs

Arslanbekov, R.

Quantum and Kinetic Simulation Tools for Nano-scale Electronic Devices

Arteaga, O.

Optical properties of 2D nanoparticle arrays

Artemiev, M.

Molecular Nanocluster Electronics: Organized Superstructures at Nanoscale and New Functional Nanomaterials

Artemyev, M.

DNA-Based Nanotechnology: Highly Luminescent CdSe – DNA Nanoscale – Engineered Complexes

Arumugam, M.

Low Cost Vibration Measuring Device Using MEMS Accelerometer

Arun, A.

Wafer Level Assembly of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube (SWCNT) Arrays with Precise Positioning

Arunagirinathan, M.A.

Ferrite-Silica-Insulin Nanocomposites (FeSINC) for Glucose Reduction

Arvind, D.K.

Speckled Computing

Arya, S.

Chromatographic Purification of Bacteriophages for Improved Surface Capture of Bacteria - Towards a General Approach

Aryal, M.

Nanopatterned coatings for advanced glass products

Arzhannikova, S.A.

A model to describe the hump-like feature observed in the accumulation branch of CV-characteristics of MOS capacitors with oxide-hosted Si nanoparticles

Asafa, T.B.

Strain gradients in poly-SiGe nanocantilevers: experimental and finite element modeling studies

Asai, Y.

Coulomb Oscillations at Room-Temperature of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistors

Asami, K.

Mathematical Modeling the Dynamics of Recombinant Endonuclease Production in Microsystems

Asati, A.

Synthesis of Dextran-Coated Nanoceria with pH-dependent Antioxidant Properties

Intrinsic oxidase activity of cerium oxide nanoparticles facilitate the detection of cancer biomarkers and cancer cells