Index of Authors

Arora, G.

TCAD Thermal Analysis of Gate Workfunction Engineered Recessed Channel MOSFET

Arora, N.D.

Challenges of Modeling VLSI Interconnects in the DSM Era

Modeling and Characterization of Wire Inductance for High Speed VLSI Design

Modeling and Characterization of High Frequency Effects in ULSI Interconnects

Modeling and Characterization of Wire Inductance for High Speed VLSI Design

Arora, R.

Effect of High AC Magnetic Field on Magnetic Nanoparticles for Magnetic Hyperthermia and Radiation/Chemotherapy Applications

Arora, V.

Mathematical Modeling of Chemotherapy Strategies in Vascular Tumor Growth using Nanoparticles

Mathematical Model of effect of drug delivery on blood flow in external magnetic field by Magnetic Nanoparticles

Spatio-temporal Tumor Model for Analysis and Mechanism of action of Intracellular Drug Accumulation

Arotiba, O.A.

Voltammetric and Impedance studies of Phenols and Its Derivatives at Carbon Nanotubes/Prussian Blue Films Platinum Modified Electrode

Arp, A.

Adhesive and Conductive – Inkjettable Nano-filled Inks for use in Microelectronics and Microsystems Technology

Arquillière, P.

Stabilization of mono- and bimetallic nanoparticles in ionic liquids

Arroyo-Vizcarrondo, S.A.

Water Synthesis of Glutathione- capped Cadmium Selenide Quantum Dots and Stabilization by PVP coating at Room Temperature

Arruebo, M.

Cytotoxicity of bare and PEGylated silica nanoparticles as potential gene-delivery vectors

Arscott, S.

Microfluidic System For High-Throughput Proteomics

Novel 2D Interfaces for Nanoelectrospray-Mass Spectrometry

Arshad, M.

A Disposable Glucose Biosensor Based on Diffusional Mediator Dispersed in Nanoparticulate Membrane on Screen-Printed Carbon Electrode

Arshak, A.

Aspect Ratio Improvement using the 2-step NERIME FIB Top Surface Imaging Process for Nano-lithography Applications

Fabricating Nanoscale Features Using the 2-Step NERIME TSI Nanolithography Process

Fabrication & Integration of nanobolometer sensors on a MEMs process