Index of Authors

Aris, H.

Design and Analysis of Vibration Based Energy Harvester for Precision Agriculture

Aristarkhov, V.M.

Optical chemical sensors on the base of arrays of ink-jet printed micro- and nanoparticles

Arjun, V.

High speed Resonant Tunneling Diode based on GaN & GaAs: A modelling & simulation approach

Armes, S.P.

A Non-toxic Cellular Staining Agent Based on Fluorescently Labeled Poly[2-(methacryloyloxy)ethyl phosphorylcholine]

Armstrong, D.

Optimal Design of Computer Experiments for the Generation of Microsystem Macromodels Using IMSET and Non-Parametric Fitting

Armstrong, G.A.

Extraction of Extrinsic Series Resistance in RF CMOS

Compact Model for Short Channel Effects in Source/Drain Engineered Nanoscale Double Gate (DG) SOI MOSFETs

Neural Computational Approach for FinFET Modeling and Nano-Circuit Simulation

Armstrong, P.

Architecturing Carbon Nanotube-based Flexible Solid State Supercapacitor

Arnal, T.

A Sub-40nm Nanostructured La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 Planar Magnetic Memory

Arnaud, A.

Self-Consistent Models of DC, AC, Noise and Mismatch for the MOSFET

Arndt, B.

Pseudocapacitive random and aligned nano-porous electrode materials for supercapacitors

Arndt, K.-F.

Stimuli-responsive nanogels by e-beam irradiation of dilute aqueous micellar solutions: Nanogels with pH controlled LCST

Arney, S.C.

Phenomenological Model for Gas Damping of High-Speed Switches

Arnosti, G.

Converting of Nanoparticles in Industrial Product Formulations: Unfolding the Innovation Potential

Aromaa, M.

Flame Deposition of Superhydrophobic and Superhydrophilic Nanoparticle Coatings on Paperboard Materials

Surface Characterization of Nanoparticle Coated Paperboard

Aronov, D.

Wettability Engineering and Bioactivation of Hydroxyapatite Nanoceramics

Aronowitz, S.

Rule Based Validation of Processing Sequences

Rule Based Validation of Processing Sequences