Index of Authors

Ansari, A.A.

XRD and SEM studies on annealed nanocrystalline titanium dioxide powder

Ansari, F.

Adsorption kinetics of bacteria onto a thin Fe3O4 magnetic nanofilm

Attachment and Spreading of Human Embryonal Carcinoma Stem Cells on Nanosurfaces Using Optical Waveguides

Ansari, M.N.M.

Poly(Lactic Acid) Hemp Composites Combined with Nano-Silica

Starch/MWCNT/Epoxy Composites for Biodegradable Batteries

Cellulose Fiber and Nano-Fiber Composites based on Castor Oil-Polyurethane Matrix

Effect of Cutting Parameters on The Surface Roughness of MWCNT Reinforced Epoxy Composite Using End-Milling Process

Ansari, S.

Nanobiotechlogy: Applications in Food Science and Engineering

Probing the Distribution of Gliadin in Dough and Baked Bread Using Conjugated Quantum Dots as a Labeling Tool

Ansón-Casaos, A.

Trifunctional Epoxy – SWNTs Composites. a New Non – Covalent SWNTs Integration Approach

Antalek, B.

Organic Solvent Dispersed TiO2 Nanocrystal Sol: Synthesis and Characterization

Anteney, I.M.

Modelling of Gain Control in SiGe HBTs and Si Bipolar Transistors by Ge Incorporation in the Polysilicon Emitter

Anton, M.

Computer Aided Modeling of Static and Dynamic Transfer Characteristics

Antonijevic, T.

Plasmon Generation by Excitons in Carbon Nanotubes

Antonopoulos, A.

Bias Dependence of Low Frequency Noise in 90nm CMOS

Antonov, D.A.

SPM Investigation of the Electron Properties YSZ Nanostructured Films

Investigation of the Electronic Properties of the ZrO2 and HfO2 Thin Films by Scanning Probe Microscopy and X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy

Antonov, I.A.

Imaging and Spectroscopy of the Au Nanoclusters in the YSZ Films by Ballistic Electron/Hole Emission Microscopy

Antonsson, E.K.

Computer Aided Mask-Layout for Bulk Etch Fabrication

SEGS: On-line WWW Etch Simulator