Index of Authors

Anand, S.V.

High Resolution Surface Imaging Using a Carbon Nanotube Array with Pointed Height Distribution

Ananda Natarajan, S.

Study of Voltage Tunable Asymmetric Quantum Well Structure for Infrared Detection

Anandan, S.

Photocatalytic activity of mesoporous titanium dioxide nanoparticles under visible light irradiation

Anandan, V.

Nanopillar Arrays with Superior Mechanical Strength and Optimal Spacing for High Sensitivity Biosensors

Ananina, О.Yu.

Simulation of water adsorption on a diamond (100) surface containing a vacancy defect

Modeling of Graphene Functionalization by F- and FHF- Ions from Associates with Water Molecules

Ananth, M.

Advances in Helium Ion Microscopy for High Resolution Imaging and Material Modification

Ananthakrishnan, V.

Voxel-Based Heterogeneous Geometric Modeling for Surface Micromachined MEMS

Ananthasuresh, G.K.

Vision-based Extraction of Geometry and Forces from Fabricated Micro Devices

The Effect of Thermal Boundary Conditions and Scaling on Electro-Thermal-Compliant Micro Devices

A New Material Interpolation Scheme for the Topology Optimization of Thermally Actuated Compliant Micromechanisms

Voxel-Based Heterogeneous Geometric Modeling for Surface Micromachined MEMS

Continuous Optimization Method for the Sequence Design of Protein Models Consisting of Multiple Monomer Types

Switching and Release Dynamics of an Electrostatically Actuated MEMS Switch under the influence of Squeeze-film Damping

Anantram, M.P.

Structure and Environment Influence in DNA Conduction

Effects of Structural Deformation and Tube Chirality on Electronic Conductance of Carbon Nanotubes

Direct Source to Drain Tunnelling and its Impact on the Intrinsic Parameter Fluctuations in Nanometer Scale Double Gate MOSFETs

Electronic Transport Through Carbon Nanotubes – Effect of Contacts, Topological Defects, Dopants and Chemisorbed Impurities

Anastas, P.

The Need and the Quest for Developing Water Treatment Systems for Masses Which are Low Cost, Low Tech and Use Locally or Easily Available Material

Ancey, P.

Electromechanical Modeling of MEMS Resonators with MOSFET Detection