Index of Authors

An, J.X.

An A Priori Hysteresis Modeling Methodology for Improved Efficiency and Model Accuracy in Advanced PD SOI Technologies

On Idlow with Emphasis on Speculative SPICE Modeling

Impact of Gate Induced Drain Leakage and Impact Ionization Currents on Hysteresis Modeling of PD SOI Circuits

An, K.

Study of the phenomenon of meniscus deformation and ejection by pulse voltage and frequency in drop-on-demand EHD printing

Array-Nozzle EHD Print Head and its Drop-on-Demand Experimentation

FineMetalLine Patterning on Hydrophilic Non-Conductive SubstratesBased on EHD Printing withLaser Sintering

An, K.C.

High Aspect Ratio EHD Printing with High Viscosity Ink Ejection

An, L.

Application of alumina-based nanogold catalysts in gas mask and CO2 laser

An, S.

Bridge a Gap between Nanotechnology R&D, Business and Public

Comprehensive Approach for Nanotechnology R&D and Public Engagement

Direct Observation of Nanofabrication using the Optical Microscope combined with Nanopipette/QTF-AFM System

An, S.D.

A New Method of Excluding The External Acceleration’s Effect in a Micromachined Magnetometer for Navigation Systems

An, S.M.

Nano-scaled water ejection using Nanopipette with QTF-AFM for Nanolithography

Nano-Patterning of NaCl Using Nanopipette based on the QTF-AFM System

Embossed and Intaglio Nano-Patterning using Nanopipette based on the QTF-AFM System

An, Y.

Introduction of Micro-Manipulation by Adhesional Force and Dielectric Force

Anac, O.

Application of a Design Methodology Using a 2D Micro Scanner

Anagnostopoulos, C.

Integrated Thermal Modulation and Deflection of Viscous Microjets with Applications to Continuous Inkjet Printing

Anagnou, NP.

Bio-imaging of colorectal cancer models using a CK19-bioconjugated Quantum Dot Nanoprobe

Anand, R.B.

Experimental investigations on thermo physical properties of AL2O3/DMAC nanofluid