Index of Authors

Allain, J.P.

Tuning the electronic and chemical surface properties of graphane combining alkali deposition and low-energy ion irradiation

Magnetic Targeting of Human Aortic Smooth Muscle Cells for Rapid Closure and Healing of Intracranial Aneurysm/Pseudoaneurysm

Allain, M.

Sacrificial membranes for serial valving in microsystems

Allam, A.

Luminescent Water Soluble Carbon Quantum Dots for Bio-imaging and Target Drug Delivery

CNanoz Nanotechnology Based - Water Purification System

Allan, G.

Growth of Carbon Nano-Structures in Ceramic Materials

Allan, N.L.

Molecular Hydrogen Storage in Fullerenes for Use on Board Fuel Cell Vehicles – A Density Functional Theory Study

Allan, P.

Nano-mechanical testing of Novel bioactive carbon nanotubes/HAP nano particles composite coatings

Allan, P.S.

The Nanomechanical Testing and Characterisation of Anti-viral Nano-structured Surface Coatings

Allara, D.L.

A SERS substrate for detection of E.Coli on Nanostructured Poly(p-xylylene)

Allard Jr., L.F.

Phase Stabilized and Enhanced PtCu3/C oxygen reduction electrocatalysts via Au galvanic displacement

Allen, A.J.

Use of Single Particle Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry to Characterize a New Silver Nanoparticle Reference Material

Allen, B.L.

Carbon Nanotube/Green Tea Composite for the Electronic Detection of Hydrogen Peroxide

Allen, B.W.

A Novel Electrochemical Nitric Oxide Sensor: Aligned RuO2 Nanowires Deposited on Pt filament

Allen, C.

In Vivo Tracking of Liposomes Using CT and MR Imaging

Towards Wireless Implantable Pressure Sensor to Monitor Compartment Syndrome in Trauma Victims

Allen, C.G.

Engineered Pigment Nanoparticles: Bottom-up Synthesis, Characterization, and Performance Properties

Allen, D.

Structure Based Design of Protein Ligands: A Study of Antibody-like Scaffolds Targeted Against the Anthrax Toxin

Allen, J.

MEMS Functional Validation Using the Configuration Space Approach to Simulation and Analysis

Allen, J.B.

Brittle Ductile Transition in Carbon Nanotube Bundles