Index of Authors

Acrivos, J.V.

Theory and Experiments on Periodic Lattice Distortions that Explain 1D Conductivity along the CuO2 Plane Ab And A-B Diagonals in YBa2Cu3O7 (YBCO) 50 nm Film with a 24 DEG Grain Boundary (Gb)

Theory/experiments of X-Ray flux effect on periodic lattice distortions in YBCO

Actis, P.

Functionalized Nanopipette: towards single cell immunoassay

Single-cell manipulation using Nanopipettes

Adalian, D.

Micro/Nano Patterned Integrated Electrochemical Sensors for Implantable Applications

Nanofabrication Techniques for Fully Integrated Sensing Platforms

Adam, L.

Multi-Scale Modeling of Polymer Nanocomposites

Adamiak, K.

AC Electroosmotic Fluid Flow in Electrolytes Generated by Two Coplanar Microelectrodes

Adamo, G.

Large-scale manufacturing of radiation sculptured therapeutic nanogels

Adamová, G.

Ionic Liquids for CO2 capture

Adams, D.

Static and Dynamic Optical Metrology of Micro-Mirror Thermal Deformation

Nanochip - Ultra-High Data Density MEMS Memory Device

Adams, D.E.

Scanning Probe Charge Reading of Ferroelectric Polarization with Nanoscale Resolution

Adams, G.

Development of peptide conjugated Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide (SPIO) Nanoparticles for Targeted MR Imaging and Therapy of Pancreatic Cancer

A Multi-Purpose Optical MEMS Sensor for Harsh Environments

Leveraging the Nation’s Nanotechnology Research Centers: True interdisciplinary buildings foster a seamless transition from lab bench to consumer

Adams, J.A.

Polyethylene-oxide (PEO) linear nano-polymer directly stimulates endothelium and protects myocardium from focal ischemia-reperfusion injury via eNOS pathway in rats

Adams, J.B.

Modeling Facet Growth of Cu Thin Films

Modeling Nucleation and Growth of Voids During Electromigration

Adams, J.W.

Towards the Preparation of Boron Carbide Nanorods by Carbothermal Reaction Method