Index of Affiliations

Washington State University

Advanced Catalysts for Fuel-Flexible Fuel Cells

A Comparative Analysis of Transistors Based on Dielectrophoresis-Aligned Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) and Assembled Random-Network CNTs

Microfluidic manipulation of Caenorhabditis elegans using acoustic radiation forces

Free-Surface Microfluidics: Exploring New Actuation and Sensing Methods

Mechanical fabrication of graphene devices using focused-ion beam: deposition and milling

Washington State University and Sharp Corporation

Field Enhancement and Work Function Difference of IrO2 Nano-Emitter Arrays using EFM and SKPM Spectroscopy

Washington State University Vancouver

Finite Element Modeling and Analysis of CMOS-SAW Sensors

A Novel Compact Lab-on-a-Chip Nanosensor for In-Channel Liquid Viscosity Detection

Washington University

An Efficient Multiscale-Linking Algorithm for Particle Deposition

Morphology of Nanostructured Films Synthesized via Electrodeposition

Washington University in St. Louis

Motion of a Cylinder Partially Filled With a Nano-Ferro-Fluid Suspension in a Magnetic Field

Sensitivity to Shape and Membrane Thickness Variations in Capacitive Pressure Sensors

Analytical and Computational Solutions to Piezoelectric Bending: A Comparative Study

Water and Sensor Research Group

Layer by Layer Fabrication of an Amperometric Nanocomposite Biosensor for Sulfite

Water Planet Engineering

Hybrid Polymeric-Ceramic Nanostructured Materials

Water Think Tank, LLC

Nanofiltration: High Potential, Highly Misunderstood

Wayne State University

Modeling and Mass-Distance Scaling of a Nanometer Starburst Polymer

Structure and Rheology of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Exfoliated Polymer Nanocomposites

Optical Micro-Spectrometer with Sub-Nanometer Resolution

Effects of the Building Block on the Morphology and Properties of Porous CdSe Nanostructured Framework