Index of Affiliations

Virginia Tech

Synthesis of Non-Spherical CdSe Quantum Dots

Additive Manufacturing (AM) of Quantum Dot Nano-Inks

Fluorescent Microspheres as Tags for Anti-Counterfeiting of Textiles

Molecular dynamics simulation of the transport of H2, O2, Ar, CH4 and n-C4H10 in composite poly (4-methyl-2-pentyne) and nanoparticle of cristobalite silica and faujasite silica

Virginia tech

Electrospinning of decorated nanofibers with active cerium oxide nanoparticles

VIT University

Storage capacity in Graphene and blends of Graphene EDLC

A simulation study on the property of micro-arrayed negative refractive index material for the energy transfer

Vive Nano

Nanoparticle synthesis using polyelectrolyte nanoreactors

Multifunctional Nanocomposite Systems

Vive Nano, Inc.

Polymer nanoparticles as nanoformulation agents

VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava

Preparation of Photocatalytic Silicon Core-shell Nanoparticles Covered by ZnS Shell in Solid-Gas Reaction

Preparation of Composite of ZnS Nanoparticles and Montmorillonite by Cavitation Deposition

VSB-TU Ostrava

Bacterial desulphurization of brown coals

VTI Technologies

Absolute Pressure Measurement using 3D-MEMS Technology

VTT Electronics

Analytic and Raytrace Modeling of a Miniaturized Infrared Spectrometer Module

VTT Information Technology

Pressure Sensor Elements Integrated with CMOS

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Improved Reproducibility in Porous Silica Sol-Gel Processing Using Tertiary Butanol Solvent


Development of a Novel Triblock Copolymer Therapeutic Nanoreactor

Vytautas Magnus University

Size of the Pores Created by an Electric Pulse: Microsecond vs Millisecond Pulses

Analysis of the Relationships Between the Parameters of the Electric Pulse