Index of Affiliations

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Construction and properties of zein-based cell supports and scaffolds

University of Ilorin

Removal of Mn (II) from aqueous solution using hematites nanoparticles of different morphologies: Sorption kinetics and equilibrium studies

A Comparative Study on Sorption of As (V) ions on Hematite, Goethite and Magnetite Nanoparticles

University of Indiana

Viruses as Optical Probes

University of Iowa

Separation of mixtures of fatty acids into individual components using a nanoporous membrane

New biodegradable polymers based on previously unknown functional groups for drug and gene delivery

university of isfahan

Determination of Cefixime in aqueous solution using multiwalled carbon nanotubes solid- phase extraction cartridge

University of Johannesburg

Synthesis and Study of Novel Nanostructured Membranes Incorporating N-doped CNTs for Water Treatment

University of Kansas

Computational Modeling of Ligands for Water Purification Nanocoatings

University of Karlsruhe

Photochemical Alteration of the Stability of Polymer Nano-Agglomerates

University of KY

Gated Chemical Transport and Enhance Flow through Carbon Nanotube Membranes

University of L'Aquila

Role of Nanoscale Topography on the Hydrophobicity: A Study of Fluoro-Based Polymer Film on Carbon Nanotubes

Microwave Irradiation an Alternative Source for Conventional Annealing: A Study of Aluminum Oxide Thin Films by Sol-Gel Process

University of Latvia

In Situ Transformations of Gold Contacts Studied by Moleculad Dynamics Simulations

University of Leeds

Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticle Synthesis and In-Vitro Study of Dentinal Tubule Occlusion

Focussed ion beam etching of the interfacial region of lead zirconate titanate thin film after laser-release from sapphire fabrication substrate

A New Route to the Formation of Nanoporous Capsules using Block Copolymer Thin Films & Colloids

Methods of colloid vibration imaging for characterisation of nano-particle suspensions

University of Leuven

Use of different natural Extracts from Tropical plants as Green Inhibitors for Metals

University of Liege

Finite Element Modeling of Electro-Mechanical Coupling in Capacitive Micro-Systems