Index of Affiliations


Protein-based nanoparticles for hydrophilic coating


Screening Level Cradle to Grave Life Cycle Assessment of a Conceptual Carbon Nanotube Field Emission Display Device.


Microfluidic System For High-Throughput Proteomics

Novel 2D Interfaces for Nanoelectrospray-Mass Spectrometry

UT HSC Houston

Agarose coating improves protein stability during sustained release

Utah State University

In Vitro Diagnosis and Analysis of the Potential Effects of Carbon Nanotube Exposure on the Human Respiratory System

Nanotoxicity Assessment toward the Applications of Carbon Nanotubes as a Small Biomolecule Carrier in Drug Delivery Systems

Carbon Nanotube-Collagen Scaffolds for Mesenchymal Stem Cells’ Differentiation: Changes in Alkaline Phosphatase Expression, Meneralizaton, and Energy Content

Effect of Dynamic Environment on the Interaction between Nanoparticles and A549 Monolayer

Characterizing Thermal Diffusivity of Synthetic Spider Silk using Improved Transient Electrothermal Technique

Parametric Study on the Effect of Radiation Heat Loss and Non-Constant Heating in the Electrothermal Technique for Thermal Property Measurement of Micro/Nanoscale Fibers

AFM resolves dynamic effects of ethambutol on nanomechanics and nanostructures of single dividing mycobacterium cells

Highly sensitive detection of cancer biomarker EGFR by PicoTREC-SERS

Utsunomiya University

Nanomachining on Si (100) Surfaces Using an Atomic Force Microscope with Lateral Force Transducer

Local Oxidation Characteristics of Single Crystal Silicon


A Semi-Empirical Resist Dissolution Model for Sub-micron Lithographies

Modeling Image Formation in Layered Structures: Application to X-ray Lithography