Index of Affiliations

University of Washington

Compact Modeling of Avalanche Breakdown in pn-Junctions for Computer-Aided ESD Design (CAD for ESD)

Physical Modeling of MEMS Cantilever Beams and the Measurement of Stiction Force

Compact Modeling of Tunneling Breakdown in PN Junctions for Computer-Aided ESD Design (CAD for ESD)

Compact Modeling of Bistable Electrostatic Actuators

Micro Actuator Array based on Ionic Polymer with Patterned Self-Assembled Au Electrode

Intracellular Uptake of Folate Receptor Targeted Superparamagnetic Nanoparticles for Enhanced Tumor Detection by MRI

A Demonstration of High-throughput Immunoassay and Small Molecule Binding on Protein Microarrays with SPR Microscopy

Nanobiodevices Integrating Biomolecular Motors

Direct Observation of the Length of Molecular Cooperativity in Melts of Ultrathin Glass Formers

Construction and Electrical Characterization of 0.9 nm Tall Channels Made via Pyryl Phosphonic Acid (PYPA) Self-assembly

Detection of Biological Species by Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering

Detection of Small Molecule-Protein Binding with Amorphous Silicon Nanostructures

Tracking the Formation of a Break Junction Formed by Electromigration using Transmission Electron Microscopy

Nanoelectrodes with Selective Molecular Receptors for Label-Free Electronic Detection of Thrombin

Using Electron Tunneling for Direct Sequencing of DNA

Fixed-Valve Micropump Simulation and Optimization

Use of Lateral Force Microscopy to Elucidate Cooperativity and Molecular Mobility in Amorphous Polymers and Self-Assembling Molecular Glasses

Interfacial Nanocomposite Characterization by Nanoparticle Debonding

Characterizing Membrane Sorption and Diffusion with Flux Lateral Force Microscopy

Fast Methods for Particle Dynamics in Dielectrophoretic and Oscillatory Flow Biochips