Index of Affiliations

University of Southern California

Triggered Assembly of Functional Protein Microdomains in the Cytosol

University of Southern California, ISI

Compact Models for Double Gate MOSFET with Quantum Mechanical Effects using Lambert Function

University of Southern Denmark

Modelling Coupled Motion of Electrons in Quantum Dots with Wetting Layers

Modelling Coupled Motion of Electrons in Quantum Dots with Wetting Layers

Synthetic LNA/DNA Nano-scaffolds for Highly Efficient Diagnostics of Nucleic Acids and Autoimmune Antibodies

University of Southern Maine

Cell-based Assays for Cytotoxic and Pro-inflammatory Effects of Gold Nanoparticles.

Cytotoxicity and genotoxicity of silver nanomaterials

University of Southern Mississippi

The Effect of POSS Compatibility on the Morphology of Thiol-ene Polymer Nanocomposites

University of St. Thomas

A review: Comprehensive comparison of corn-based and cellulosic-based ethanol as biofuel sources

The Design, Installation, and Maintenance of a Village-Sized Solar Power System in Uganda

Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines for Powering Cellular Communication Towers

University of Strathclyde

New Pair Force Evaluation Method for Parallel Molecular Dynamics in Arbitrary Geometries

Single Base Mismatch Determination using DNA - Silver Nanoparticle Conjugates

Creation of an Aptamer Nanobiosensor for Ultra-Sensitive Detection of Heart Failure.

Fabrication of biosensor arrays by DPN and multiple target detection by triple wavelength fast SERRS mapping

MD boundary conditions for pressure gradient flows: nano-mixing, and nano-droplet deformation in extensional flows

Hybrid molecular dynamics and Navier-Stokes method in complex nanoflow geometries

Intracellular Analysis by SERRS and Nanoparticles

Creation of Protein Nanoarrays using Dip-Pen Nanolithography

Simulating the Fast Transport of Water Through Carbon Nanotubes