Index of Affiliations

University of South Australia

Tuning Wettability of Electrospun Three-dimensional Scaffolds through Morphology Control

Self Healing Hybrid Coating for Aggressive Environment

Tailoring Pt-Alloy Cluster Nanoparticles for Enhanced Electrocatalytic Activity

University of South Carolina

Enzymatically Degradable Hydrogel Nanocomposite for Bone Regeneration

Layered Oxide Polymer Nanocomposites: Synthesis, Characterization, and Strategies for Achieving Enhanced Barrier Property

University of South Florida

A Novel Fabrication Technique of Cylindrical Ion Traps using Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic Tapes

Photo-Enhanced Luminescence in Bio-conjugated Quantum Dots for Ovarian Cancer Biomarkers

Environmentally Friendly Pathways for Synthesis of Titanium Dioxide Nano-particles

Bayesian Modeling of Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata Circuits

Glycosaminoglycan model glass substrates and cancer cell interactions

Multiphysics Modeling and Simulation for a MEMS Thermal-Mechanical Switch

Electronic structure of single wall carbon nanotubes under transverse external electric fields, radial deformations and defects

Catalyst assisted zinc oxide nanowires for gas sensors

Long-Range Interactions in Quasi-One Dimensional Cylindrical Structures

University Of South Florida

Design, Simulation, and Prototyping of an Impulse Turbine for Biomedical Applications

University of Southampton

System Level Simulation of an Electrostatically Levitated Disk

Closed Loop Micromachined Inertial Sensors with Higher Order SD-Modulators

Modelling of Gain Control in SiGe HBTs and Si Bipolar Transistors by Ge Incorporation in the Polysilicon Emitter

A Physical Compact MOSFET Mobility Model Including Accurate Calculation of Saturation Surface Potential.

Simulation of Micromachined Inertial Sensors with Higher-Order Single Loop Sigma-Delta Modulators