Index of Affiliations

University of Modena

Simulation of Wigner Function Transport in Tunneling and Quantum Structures

Simulation of Wigner Function Transport in Tunneling and Quantum Structures

University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

Novel smart bio-nanomaterials: bioactive glasses containing metal nano-particles conjugated with molecules of biological interests

Life Cycle Assessment of a Nano TiO2 Coating Self-Cleaning Float Glass

University of Munich (LMU)

Synthesis, tuning of electrical conductivity and self-assembly of niobium doped titania nanoparticles

A novel strategy for fabrication of mesoporous crystalline tin dioxide films with large pores and fully crystalline walls

University of Nancy

Control of the morphology of nanoparticles resulting from the dynamic optimization of a fed-batch emulsion copolymerization process

University of Nebraska

Computer Molecular Dynamics and Phase Transition in Alkali Azides and Thiocyanates

University of Nebraska Lincoln

Capturing and Using CO2 as Feedstock for Clean Chemical Processes Technologies

University of Neuchätel

Modelling and Optimization of a Vaporizer for Inhalation Drug Therapy

University of New Orleans

A Novel Synthesis of Co@Au Nanoparticles and Characterization

Ligand-dependent changes in the SPR of magnetic nanoparticles

Synthesis and Self-assembling Properties of Functionalized Glycolipids

How to SPION Glass Transitions

University of New South Wales

Atomic-control Placement of Individual P atoms in Si for the Fabrication of a Quantum Computer Qubit Array

Development of a silicon-based quantum cellular automata cell

University of New South wales

Highly Luminescent Quantum Dots: New Tools for Biological Applications

University of New South Wales

Dielectric performance of Polymer Nanocomposites Synthesized by Atmospheric-pressure Plasma-treated Silica Nanoparticles

University of New South Wales (UNSW)

A Novel Silicon-based Wideband Nano Switch for RF Applications

University of Newcastle

Frequency Tuning of Micro-beams using Electrostatic Pull-in