Index of Affiliations

TU Dresden

Trap-induced apparent linearity of CNTFETs (invited)

TU Munich

Detailed Analysis of Quantum-Effects in Nanowire Tunneling Transistors with Different Channel-Profiles

TU Vienna

The Failure of the Hydrodynamic Transport Model for Simulation of Partially Depleted SOI MOSFETs and its Revision

Non-Parabolicity and Non-Maxwellian Effects on Gate Oxide Tunneling

An Impact Ionization Model Including an Explicit Cold Carrier Population

Numeric Aspects of the Simulation of Two-Dimensional Ferroelectric Hysteresis

Accurate Three-Dimensional Simulation of Damage Caused by Ion Implantation

A New Analytical Energy Relaxation Time Model for Device Simulation

Closed-Loop MOSFET Doping Profile Optimization for Portable Systems

TU Wien

A Physics-Based Impact Ionization Model Using Six Moments of the Boltzmann Transport Equation

Adaptive Energy Integration of Non-Equilibrium Green's Function


A Physically-Based Electron Mobility Model for Strained Si Devices

Impact of Multi-Trap Assisted Tunneling on Gate Leakage of CMOS Memory Devices


Preparation Routes to Aqueous Graphene Dispersions and Their Influence on Electrical Conductivity of Polymer Composites

Tufts University

MEMS Pressure Sensor Array for Aeroacoustic Analysis of the Turbulent Boundary Layer on an Airplane Fuselage

Micromachined Force Sensors for Characterization of Chemical Mechanical Polishing

Shape Memory Alloy and Elastomer Composite MEMS Actuators


Mobility of paramagnetic nanoparticles in porous media


Poly(butyl terephthalate)/oxytetramethylene + oxidized carbon nanotubes hybrids: mechanical and tribological behavior