Index of Affiliations

tohoku university

Magnetic characteristics of FePt nanodots formed by a self-assembled nanodot deposition method

Tohoku University

A Theoretical Study on Chemical Reaction of Water Molecules under Laser Irradiation: Ultra Accelerated Quantum Chemical Molecular Dynamics Approach

Change of the Electronic Conductivity of CNTs and Graphene Sheets Caused by a Three-dimensional Strain Field

Quantum Chemical Molecular Dynamics Study of Oxidation Process on Fe-Cr Alloy Surfaces in High Temperature Water

Synthesis method for well crystallized alloy nanoparticles in aqueous solution under room temperature by controlling the metal complexes condition

Effect of furnace temperature on the nucleation behavior and configurations of carbon nanoparticles

Tokyo Institute of Technology

Computer Simulation Study of Mechanical Properties of Nanoscale Materials by Molecular Dynamics and Lattice Green's Function Methods

Mechanical and Electronic Properties of Strained Layer Superlattices Studied by Density Functional TB and Path Probability Methods

Mathematical Modeling the Dynamics of Recombinant Endonuclease Production in Microsystems

Introduction of Micro-Manipulation by Adhesional Force and Dielectric Force

Criterion for Electrostatic Detachment of an Adhering Microparticle

Mechanical and Electronic Properties of Nanoscale Semiconductors Studied by Density Functional TB and Path Probability Methods

Single-Dot Spectroscopy of Low Density GaAs Quantum Dots Grown by Modified Droplet Epitaxy

pH-Sensitive Nano-Crystals of Carbonate Apatite Regulate Delivery and Release Kinetics of DNA for Efficient Expression in Mammalian Cells

Ca-Mg Phosphate Nano-Crystals for High Efficiency Gene Delivery and Expression in Mammalian Cells

A Micromanipulation Method based on the Capillary Force by Phase Transition

Evaluation of Manipulation Probes for Expanding the Range of Capillary Force

Limitations of DNA High-frequency Anchoring and Stretching

DNA Mechanical Properties: Formulation and comparison with experiments

Biodegradable Polymer-Based Composite Particles for Targeted Drug Delivery Carriers with Magnetic Response