Index of Affiliations

THLLC Joint Stock Company

Design and Fabrication of Hydroelectric Fuel Cell System for Household Power Application

Thomas Jefferson University

Quantum Dots as a Unique Nanoscaffold to Mimic Membrane Receptor Clustering

Thomas Swan & Company Limited

New developments in the purification, filling and functionalisation of carbon nanotubes

Tiburon Design Automation

New Capabilities for Verilog-A Implementations of Compact Device Models

Tiburon Design Automation, Inc.

Changing the Paradigm for Compact Model Integration in Circuit Simulators Using Verilog-A


Design, Modelling and Optimisation of Integrated Piezoelectric Micro Power Generators

Tima Laboratory

Information Coding for Intramolecular Integration of Logic Functionality

TIMA Laboratory

A Carbon Nanotube-Based Sensor for Measuring Forces Developed by Cells

Electronic Properties of Gaphitic Surfaces with Adsorbed Aromatic Amino Acids

Comparison of Piezoelectric MEMS Mechanical Vibration Energy Scavengers


An Algorithm for the Inclusion of RC Compact Models of Packages into Board Level Thermal Simulation Tools

TIMCAL Belgium S.A.

Continuous Mass Production of Carbon Nanotubes by 3-Phase AC Plasma Processing


Continuous Mass Production of Fullerenes and Fullerenic Nanoparticles by 3-Phase AC Plasma Processing

TiNi Alloy Company

Modular Silicon Micropump

TNO Science and Industry

Comparison of the Efficiency of Different Methods for the Lysis of Cells in Lab-on-Chip Systems

Tohoku Gakuin University

Proposal of Porous Chromium Film Fabrication Method for an IR Absorber

Tohoku University

The 2.4F2 Memory Cell Technology with Stacked-Surrounding Gate Transistor (S-SGT) DRAM

An Organic Molecule - Fullerene Mixture for a High Efficiency Photovoltaic Device: Theoretical Study

Effects of Gold Contacts on Transport through Benzene Molecule

Nano-sensors Based on Nanotubes: Deformed-nanotubes transport