Index of Affiliations

Stanford University

Comparative Study Of Effect Of Various Reducing Agents On Size And Shapes Of Gold Nanoparticles

Temperature Sensitive Liposomes for Local Drug delivery Using Focused Ultrasound

Effective Drive Current in CMOS Inverters for Sub-45nm Technologies

Magnetic Nanotag-based Immunoassay for Multiplex Mycotoxin Detection

Engineered Piezoelectricity in Graphene

Silicon Crystal Effects in Modeling of MEMS Silicon Resonators

On the Variability of HfOx RRAM: From Numerical Simulation to Compact Modeling

Electrical Response of DNA and Proteins at Nanoscale by Using Novel Nanoneedle Biosensor

Stanford University, School of Medicine

Influence of metallic, ceramic, and plastic MALDI surface materials on the ionization efficiency and quality of mass spectrometric data

Starkey Labs, Inc.

Improving Resistance to Foreign Material for Hearing Instruments

StarMega Corp

A New Semiconductor-Wafer Market Based on the Deepening of Surface Undulations to Form Strongly Textured Atomic Ridges (STAR) With Pitches from 0.6 to 5.4 nm: Model Demonstrations in Electronics and the Physical and Life Sciences

State Electrotechnical University

Inverse Modeling for C-V Profiling of Modulated-Doped Semiconductor Structures

State Engineering University of Armenia

Co-simulation and Optimization Micro Electro Mechanical Systems by Using Method of Theoretical Investigation

State research institute Center of physical sciences and technology

Nanoporous Materials through Anodizing of Iron in F-containing Organic Electrolytes

State Univ of New York (SUNY) at Binghamton

Solution Growth of Nanostructured Ceramic Films

State University of New York at Binghamton

Novel Sensing Array Nanomaterials: Molecularly-Mediated Assemblies of Nanoparticles

The Design, Fabrication and Characterization of A Novel Miniature Silicon Microphone Diaphragm

State University of New York at Buffalo

Multiscale Biomechanical Modeling of the Human Eye

State University of New York at Oswego

Synthesis of Micrometric Single Crystalline Magnetite with Superparamagnetic Properties for Biomedical Applications

Synthesis of Magnetically Sensitive Nanomaterials with Tunable Properties