Index of Affiliations

Stanford University

Complete Characterization of Electrostatically-Actuated Beams Including Effects of Multiple Discontinuities and Buckling

Investigation of Tetrhedral Automatic Mesh Generation for Finite-Element Simulation of Micro-Electro-Mechanical Switches

Impact of Heat Source Localization on Conduction Cooling of Silicon-on-Insulator Devices

Computational Modeling with a New Lattice-Based Continuum Formulation for the Coupled Thermodynamic and Mechanical Equilibrium of Polycrystalline Solids

Implications of Gate Tunneling and Quantum Effects in the Gate-Channel Stack

Compact Modling of High Frequency Phenomena for On-Chip Spiral Inductors

Nanopatterning of Periodically Strained Surfaces - A Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulation Study

Electrokinetic Instabilities and Sample Stacking

Mechanical Nonlinear Generation with Coupled Torsional Harmonic Cantilevers for Sensitive and Quantitative Atomic Force Microscopy Imaging of Material Characteristics

Three-Dimensional Logic Architecture by Four-terminal Electrical Switches (FES) beyond Two-dimensional CMOS Architecture

Mobility Extraction and Compact Modeling for FETs Using High-K Gate Materials

Implications of Gate Tunneling and Quantum Effects in the Gate-Channel Stack

Effects of Scaling on Modeling of Analog RF MOS Devices

Carbon Nanotube Transistors with 60mV/decade Switching and its Capacitance Measurement

Carbon Nanotube Transistor Compact Model

Modeling of FET Flicker Noise and Impact of Technology Scaling

TEM Studies of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for Cell Labeling and Magnetic Separation

Grain Size Distribution in CoCrPtO-Based Perpendicular Magnetic Recording Media

Dynamics of Water in Nafion Fuel Cell Membranes: the Effects of

Development of Nanoparticle-Based Gold Contrast Agent for Photoacoustic Tomography