Index of Affiliations

S.V. National Institute of Technology

Study of Photocatalytic activity and properties of Transition metal ions doped Nanocrystalline TiO2 prepared by Sol-Gel Method

Saarland University

Biomimetic Surface Composite Effects Achieved by Interfering Laser Beams

Sabanci University

Coupling Spring Design and Insertion Loss Minimization of Second Order MicroElectroMechanical Filters

Design and Simulation of a MicroElectroMechanical Resonator Oscillator

SAIC-Frederick, National Cancer Institute at Frederick

Use of PBMC Partitioning to Predict RES-Uptake of a Nanoemulsion in a Colon Cancer Xenograft


Novel Electrolyte Membrane for Fuel Cell Utilizing Nano Composite

Novel Solid Phase Synthesized Carbon Nano Tube using Tube Control Agent

Saigon Hi Tech Park

Overview of Solid Phase Synthesized Carbon Nano Tube; Revealing of the Regional Affects

Magnetic Nano Particles for Diagnostics


High Electrical Conductivity Nanocomposites Prepared with Graphenes Synthesized by Catalyst Stagger

Saigon Hi Tech Park (SHTP)

100nm Range Short Tube Products of Nano Carbon from Solid Phase Synthesis Process Without Shortening Effort

Saigon Hi Tech Park Research Laboratories

Nano Structure of Carbon Nano Tube Products Synthesized in Solid Phase

Saigon Hi Tech Park Research Laboratories (SHTP Labs)

Electrical Conductivity Control in SPNT Process

Saint Louis University

Polymerization Passivation Strategies for the Stabilization of Energetic Aluminum Nanomaterials

Capping and Passivation of Aluminum Nanoparticles: Aluminum-Induced Alkene Polymerization

Synthesis of Air-stable Aluminum Nanoparticles capped with 1, 2 -Epoxy-9-Decene/ Methyl Methacrylate and Poly (Methyl Methacrylate)

Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology

Nonlinear Micromachined Flexure for Stiction Reduction

Multi-Scale Modeling of Processing of Carbon Nanotubes

A Study on Alleviating Deformation of MEMS Structure and Prediction of Residual Stress in Surface Micromachining

Ultra High performance In-line Contact MEMS RF Switch