Index of Affiliations

Rowan University

Development of a Platinum Nanoparticle based Microcombustor Power Device

Royal Institute of Technology

Numerical Simulations of Flat-Walled Diffuser Elements for Valveless Micropumps

Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

Nano Scale Autonomous Error-Tolerant (AET) Cellular Network

Low Cost Paper Based Bowtie Tag Antenna for High Performance UHF RFID Applications

Royal Institute of Technology, KTH

Application of Magnetic Nanoparticles for Wastewater Treatment using Response Surface Methodology

Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

Electronic Nanotechnology Based on Non-Binary Principles

Royal Military College

Molecular Hydrogen Storage in Fullerenes for Use on Board Fuel Cell Vehicles – A Density Functional Theory Study

Royal Military College of Canada

Synthesis and characterization of polypyrrole nanowires using alternating amphiphilic copolymer nanotubes as templates

Conformational analysis of alternating copolymers and their association into nanoarchitectures

Predicting PEMFC Pt Catalyst Durability using DFT

Conformation of pH Responsive Alternating Copolymers and Self-Assembly in Nanoarchitectures

Characterizing the Oxygen Reduction Reaction for the Proton Exchange Fuel Cell with with Novel Nanotechnology-based Catalyst Supports

Environmental Friendly Synthesis of Polypyrrole within polymeric Nanotemplates-mechanism of polypyrrole synthesis

Comparing the Effect of 2nd Row Dopants on the Carbon Support to improve Pt Catalytic Activity and Durability

Synthesis of Polypyrrole within Polymeric Nanotemplates in Aqueous Environment

Carbon-supported platinum and nickel nanoparticles for CO capture in hydrogen fuel cells

Synthesis and characterization of nanoreactors within polymeric nanotemplates

Simulation and synthesis of a self-assembling and tumor-targeted drug delivery system


In-Plane Micropump: Design Optimization

RTI International

Manipulating Optical Properties of Luminescent Nanoparticle Substrates through Inkjet Printing