Index of Affiliations

Peking University

Analytic Channel Potential Solution of Symmetric DG AMOSFETs

Compact Modeling of Signal Transients for Dispersionless Interconnects With Resistive, Capacitive and Inductive Terminal Loads

Numerical study on effect of random dopant fluctuation on double gate MOSFET based 6-T SRAM performance

Characteristics Sensitivity of FinFET to Fin Vertical Nonuniformity

An Accurate Method to Extract and Separate Interface and Gate Oxide Traps by the MOSFET Subthreshold Current

peking university

Nonparabolicity Effects of the Ultra-thin Body Double-gate MOSFETs

An Efficient Iterative Grid Selection Strategy for Time-Mapped Harmonic Balance Method

Peking University

Comparison and insight into long-channel MOSFET drain current models

Analytic potential model for asymmetricunderlap gate-all-around MOSFET

High performance ZnO-based thin film transistor with high-κ gate dielectrics fabricated at low temperature

A Charge Based Non-Quasi-Static Transient Model for SOI MOSFETs

Reliable nanoscale electrical characterization using Graphene-coated Atomic Force Microscope tips

Peking University Shenzhen Graduate Schoo

A Regional Model for Threshold Switching in Phase Change Memory

Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School

A Drift-Diffusion Model of Pinned Photodiode Enabling Opto-Electronic Circuit Simulation

Peking University Shenzhen SOC Key Laboratory

An Analytic Potential Based Model for Gate-All-Around Nanowire Tunnel-FETs

Compact Negative Bias Temperature Instability Model for Nanoscale FinFET Reliability Simulation

Simulation Study on Dopant Fluctuation Impact on SRG MOSFET Device and Circuit Performane

Penn State University

Mesoscopic Breathing Sphere Model for Computer Simulation of Laser Ablation and Damage

Substrate Current in Surface-Potential-Based Compact MOSFET Models

Application of Genetic Algorithm to Compact Model Parameter Extraction