Index of Affiliations

PARC, a Xerox company

Co-Extrusion Printing for Low Cost and High Performance Energy Devices

PARC, A Xerox Company

Reducing Energy Footprint of a Waste Water Treatment Plant by Increasing Harvesting Efficiency of Solids following Primary Clarification

Paris V

Studies of conformational changes induced in a carrier protein: Bovine serum albumin

Particle Technology Laboratory, ETH Zürich

Plasmonic Biosensors with biocompatible nanosilver

Color tunable nanophosphors

Hybrid silica-coated palsmonic-magnetic biomarkers

Particle Technology Laboratory, ETH Zurich

Quantifying the origin of nanosilver ions and their antibacterial activity

Cytotoxicity of silver nanoparticles

Particular GmbH

Pulsed laser generation of clean colloidal metal nanoparticles


PatGen DB – A Consolidated Genetic Patent Database Implementing Standard Data Mining Resources

Paul Scherrer Institut

Euler Buckling of Individual SiGe/Si Microtubes


Iron doped spent tea waste charcoal as potential adsorbent for treatment of electroplating industry waste water

PDF Solutions, Inc.

Rational RSM Models for Device Characteristics as Functions of Process Parameters

Peking Univeristy

Modeling of Dynamic Threshold Voltage of High K Gate Stack and Application in FinFET Reliability

Peking University

Design and Simulation of A Novel Highly Symmetrical Piezoelectric Triaxial Accelerometer

Electrical Analogue of Capacitive Force-Balanced Accelerometer Used in HSPICE Simulator

Peking university

Benchmark Tests on Conventional Surface Potential Based Charge-Sheet Models And the Advanced PUNSIM Development

A Carrier Based Analytic Model for Undoped Surrounding-Gate MOSFETs

Peking University

Analytical Solutions for Long-Wide-Channel Thick-Base MOS Transistors I. Effects of Remote Boundary Conditions and Body Contacts

A Carrier-Based Analytic Model for Undoped Ultra-Thin-Body Silicon-on-Insulator (UTB-SOI) MOSFETs