Index of Affiliations

Post Graduate Institute of Medical Science

Mechanism of Nitroimidazole Coated Magnetic Nanoparticles Embedded in Micro-organisms as Delivery Systems

Postdoc Researcher

Fluorescence Based Specific PNA-DNA Binding Characterization on nano-FET DNA Device Surface


Replication of micro/nano combined structure using micro/nano combined aluminum stamp

Cleaning 10nm ceramic particles by the supersonic particle beam

Removal of 10-nm contaminant particles from a wafer surface with supersonic CO2 particle beam

Simultaneous removal of nano-sized contaminant particles with multi-modal size distribution using hybrid particle beams

MD Simulations on the Momentum Transfer to Nano Contaminant Particle on Wafer Surface in Collisions with Cleaning Bullets

Postnova Analytics

Characterization of Core-Shell nanoparticles using Field-Flow Fractionation and Single-Particle ICP-MS

Power Alternative

Save Hawai‘i...Save the Planet


Nickel-Zinc Rechargeable Batteries – the High Performance, Low Cost, Clean Solution for Hybrid Vehicles

Poznan University of Technology

Characterization of Silane Nanoadhesion by means of Dynamic Force Spectroscopy

The identification of PM parameters in compression ignition engines

Prairie View A&M University

Synthesis and Characterization of Anodized Titanium Oxide Nanotubes Arrays

Pratap College Amalner

Ultrasonically sprayed nanostructured SnO2 thin films for highly sensitive hydrogen sensing

Synthesis of nanocrystalline ZnO powder using ultrasonic atomization technique and application of its thick films for highly toxic gases

Precsion Instrument Development Center

A Tunable Dispersive Optical System

Primary Flow Signal

The Importance of Accurate Open Channel Flow Measurement

Primoceler Ltd

Hermetic room temperature glass welding technology

Princeton University

Process Simulation for Contact Print Microlithography

Synthesis of Y2O3:Eu Phosphor Nanoparticles by Flame Spray Pyrolysis