Index of Affiliations

Northeastern University

Non-Condensing Calcium Alginate Microspheres for Macrophage-Selective Gene Delivery and Transfection

Scalability and Control of Electrophoretic Directed Assembly of Nanoparticles

Design and implementation of silicon-based optical nanostructures for integrated photonic circuit applications using Deep Reactive Ion Etching (DRIE) technique

Morphological Studies on Nano-Neuronal Interactions

Highly Organized Two and Three Dimensional Singlewalled Carbon Nanotubes-Polymer Hybrid Architectures

Gene Delivery and Transfection in Human Pancreatic Cancer Cells using Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor-Targeted Gelatin Nanoparticles

Label-free Raman Micro-Spectral Imaging of the Microenvironment of PANC-1 Spheroids

Prostate Cancer-Specific Drug Delivery and Imaging System: Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of Multi-functional AuNPs

Titania Nanotubes for Separation Applications

Inducing Polymer Interphase Formation in the Composite at Low Nano-Carbon Loading

Northern Illinois University

Molecular Fan: A Heat Sink for Nanoelectronic Devices

Galactosidase Gene Expression in Yeast Cells Enhanced by Nanoparticles

Nanocatalysts Assisted Growth of Diamond Films on Si by Hot Filament CVD

Northern Malaysia University College of Engineering

Nanowire formation for Single Electron Transistor using SEM Based Electron Beam Lithography (EBL) Technique: Positive Tone Vs Negative Tone E-beam Resist

Northern Malaysia University College of Engineering (KUKUM)

Resist Mask Designs for Quantum Dot Transistor Using E-Beam Nanolithography

Northwest Normal University

Influence of Al-Doping on the Optical Properties of ZnO films

The Effect of Microstructure on I-V Properties in Si/SiO2 Film

Detecting CH4 and CO Gases Using Micro-Structural Doping Compound Oxide Films on Si-Substrates

Northwest University

The study of anti-reflection coatings doped with Ag nanoparticles utilized in solar cells

Preparation and near infrared emission research of YBO3:Ce3+,Yb3+ nanosheets