Index of Affiliations


NanoSPRINT: Intelligent Innovation Tools

Nanostellar Inc.

Microkinetic Study of Oxygenate and Hydrocarbon Formation from Syngas on Rhodium and Cobalt Surfaces: Effect of Site Structure on Catalytic Cycles

Nanostellar, Inc.

An Embedded Atom Method for Alloy Nanoparticles

Nanosurf AG

Education in Nanotechnology through Microscopy Made Easy

Nanotech Germany

Welcome to Nanotech Germany, Research in Germany - Land of Ideas

NanoTechLabs Inc.

Highly conductive nanotube-filled polymers with exceptional properties

Nanotechnologies, Inc.

Testing and Evaluation of Nanoparticle Efficacy on E. Coli, and Bacillus Anthracis Spores

Broadcast Photonic Curing of Metallic Nanoparticle Films

Nanotechnology Instruments Europe B.V.

Atomic Force Microscope as a Tool for Nanometer Scale Surface Patterning

Nanotechnology Lab

Polymer Nanocomposites: Structure, synthesis

Nanoviricides, Inc.

Nanoviricides as Anti-Influenza Agents

Nanoworld Services

Platinum Silicide probes: A novel approach to manufacture highly conductive AFM probes with small radii and high wear resistance

Nanoworld Services GmbH

Individually addressable Cantilever Arrays for Parallel Atomic Force Microscopy

Nanox Inc.

Nanostructured perovskite-based oxidation catalysts for improved environmental emission control

Nanyang Polytechnic

Evaluation of Antibacterial Activities of Zinc Oxide-Titanium Dioxide Nanocomposites Prepared by Sol-Gel Method

Preparation and Characterization of BiFeO3 Nanosystems as Visible Light Driven Photo-degradation of Organic Compounds

Nanyang Technological

Simulation and Realization of Free Space Optical Switch Architecture Based on MEMS Vertical Mirrors

Nanyang Technological University

Studies on a DNA Double Helicoidal Structure Immersed in Viscous Bio-Fluid

Modeling of Threshold Voltage with Reverse Short Channel Effect

Improved Prediction of Length/Temperature-Dependent Impact Ionization Induced Body Current Based on an Accurate Saturation Drain Voltage Model