Index of Affiliations

Niigata university

A new strategy of using unstable offshore wind power by combination with pumped storage generation with reversible pump turbine


Evaluating nanomaterial exposures in the workplace: A description of the approach used by NIOSH and a summary of findings from 12 site visits

Prevention through Design Concepts for Sustainable Development of Nanomaterials

Characterization of Screen-Penetrating Aerosol Fibers and Their Alignment in an Electric Field


Numerical Simulation of Superconformal Electrodeposition Using the Level Set Method

Numerical Simulation of Superconformal Electrodeposition Using the Level Set Method

Flow Simulation of a Microfluidic Analog of the Four-Roll Mill

Metrology Development for the Nanoelectronics Industry at the National Institute of Standards and Technology

Nano-Lithography in Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV) for Real World Applications

Separation Mechanisms for Nanoscale Spheres and Rods in Field-Flow Fractionation (FFF)

Polyurethane Nanocomposites Containing NCO-Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes and NCO-Functionalized Nanoclays

Guided Self-Assembly of Block-Copolymer Nanostructures

Network Aggregation of CNT at the Surface of Epoxy/MWCNT Composite Exposed to UV Radiation

Degradation and Nanoparticle Release of Epoxy/Nanosilica Composites Exposed to Solar UV Radiation

Hydrogen-Steel Compatibility Research at NIST-Boulder

Role of Nanoparticles in Life Cycle of Nanocomposites

Direct Evidence of Nanoparticle Release from Epoxy Nanocomposites Exposed to 295 nm-400 nm UV Radiation

Nanoparticle size and shape evaluation using the TSOM optical microscopy method

3D Metrology of sub-60 nm Isolated Lines Using TSOM Optical Method

Investigation of Silica Nanoparticles Accumulated on the Surface of Polymer Nanocomposites Exposed to UV Radiation Using ICP-OES