Index of Affiliations

Naval Postgraduate School

Autonomous Agents Design for Digital Network Maximization in Joint C4I System

A Robust Algorithm for Predicting Freezeout and Exhaustion Under Equilibrium Conditions

Naval Research Laboratory

Growth of Copper on Ag(100) at Experimental Deposition Rates Using TAD

Effects of Disorder in Reduced Dimensional and Quantum Electronics

Direct Write Technology as a Tool to Rapidly Prototype Patterns of Biological and Electronic Systems

Scaling Issues for Calculations of Low-Velocity Gaseous Microflows

Diamond Materials for MEMS and NEMS Structures and Devices

Characterization of Core/Shell Nanoparticles by X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy

Gated Carbon Nanotube Field Emission Enhancement and Regeneration by Hydrogen

Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer in Bioconjugated Quantum Dot-Dye systems

Naval Surface Warfare Center

Novel Metal-Matrix Composites with Integrally-Bound Nanoscale Carbon

Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division

Understanding Conduction Mechanisms in Nano-Structures


Mechanisms of Photonic Curing™: Processing High Temperature Films on Low Temperature Substrates


Random Dopant Induced Fluctuations of Characteristics in Deep Sub-micron MOSFETs


Pharmacokinetics and clearance properties of nano-sized particles and molecules as multi-modality imaging agents: Considerations and caveats


Toward an Integrated Computational Environment for Multiscale Computational Design of Nanoscale Ion Channel Semiconductors


Web Based Distributed Computing Environment for Nanotechnology

NEC Corporation

Practical Atomistic Dopant Diffusion Simulation of Shallow Junction Fabrication Processes and Intrinsic Fluctuations for sub-100nm MOSFETs

NEC Fundamental Resreach Labs.

Proton Polarization on Pt Surface with Water Molecules

NED University of Engineering & Technology

Annealing effects on electrical and optical properties of