Index of Affiliations

National Taiwan University

Time-Domain Reduced-Order Models of Lateral Viscous Damping Effects for 3-D Geometries

A Methodology of Field-Emission Modeling with Space-Charge Effects

Heat Transfer Macromodels for MEMS Devices with 3D Geometries

Modeling Nanosized Colloidal Particle Interactions with Brownian Dynamics Using Discrete Element Method

Increase the Synthesis Efficiency of Graphite Encapsulated Cobalt Nanoparticles by Annealing

Guidelines of Creating Krylov-subspace Macromodels for Lateral Viscous Damping Effects

Parallelization of BEM Electrostatic Solver Using a PC Cluster

Nano-Structured Vaccine Delivery

Studies on the Subcellular Trafficking of PAMAM Dendrimer

Optical Characterization of the Au Nanoparticle Monolayer on Silicon Wafer

Surface Reactions of Linear Atomic Metal Wire Complexes

Fabrication of Well-aligned and Mono-modal Germanium Dots on the Silicon Substrate with Trench-ridge Nano-structures

MEMS/NEMS Dynamics Measurement Tool Using The Stroboscopic Principle

Enhancement of Silicon Photon Emission with Nanostructure Array

Development of a 3-D Finite-element Solver for Piezoelectric Transformer Analysis

Application of nanoparticle in photodynamic diagnosis for colorectal cancer

Shell Cross-Linked Nanoparticle Based on Poly(e-caprolactone)-Poly(ethylene glycol) for Photosensitizer Delivery

Synthesis and Photodynamic Efficacy of PAMAM-Photosensitiser Conjugates in Vitro

Macromodeling for Microfluidic Channels

Transmission Spectrum of PDMS in 4-7µm Mid-IR Range for Characterization of Protein Structure