Index of Affiliations

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)

Characterization of a Vortex Shaking Method for Producing Airborne Glass Fibers for Toxicology Studies

National Institute for Research

Synthesis and Properties of Magnetic Nanoparticles with Potential Applications in Cancer Diagnostic

National Institute for Research&Development in Electrical Engineering

Structural and Magneto-Optical Properties of Co-doped ZnO Thin Films Prepared by Sol-Gel Method

Magnetotransport Properties and Tunnel Effect of Thin Film Nano-Structures

National Institute for standards

Carbon coated FeRu and CoRu nanomagnets and their potential for medical application

National Institute for Standards

A Study of the Effect of Al2O3 Nanoparticles on the Cure behavior of Bisphenol A Epoxy Resin

National Institute of Advanced Industrial and Science and Technology

Molecular Simulation of DNA Microarrays - an Application of 2D particle mesh Ewald algorithm -

DNA and Estrogen Receptor Interaction Revealed by the Fragment Molecular Orbital Method -Implementation of SCF Convergence-

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science & Technology

A Comparison of Straight- and Branch-Chained Lipid Bilayers for the Static and Dynamic Properties: A molecular dynamics study

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

Replica Exchange Molecular Dynamics Toolkit for Drug-receptor Docking

Fast, Accurate Molecular Dynamics Simulations for Surfaces and Membranes

Improved Compact Model for Four-Terminal DG MOSFETs

Capacitance Model for Four-Terminal DG MOSFETs

Clay Polyimide Composite Film with Low CTE and High Water Vapor Barrier Property

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

Thermal and Morphological Study of a New Type of Nanocomposites: Functionalized PP / PA / Clay Nanocomposites

Compact Model for Ultra-Short Channel Four-Terminal DG MOSFETs for Exploring Circuit Characteristics

Device Parameter Extraction from Fabricated Double-Gate MOSFETs

Comprehensive Approach for Nanotechnology R&D and Public Engagement

On-demand release of corrosion-inhibiting molecules from layerd double hydroxide film formed on magnesium alloy

Cell adhesion behaviors on polyethylene terephthalate surface modified by surface-wave plasma-initiated graft polymerization