Index of Affiliations

Nanyang Technological University

A Novel Approach to Compact I-V Modeling for Deep-Submicron MOSFET's Technology Development and Circuit Simulation

A Velocity-Overshoot Subthreshold Current Model for Deep-Submicrometer MOSFET Devices

Numerical Simulation of Pulse-Width-Modulated Micropumps with Diffuser/Nozzle Elements

Experimental Determination of Electrical, Metallurgical, and Physical Gate Lengths of Submicron MOSFET’s

Antiphase Design for Balanced Oscillators

Simulation and Optimum Design of Finline/Slotted Line Millimeter Wave Antenna

A Simple and Scalable Model for Spiral Inductors on Silicon

An Accurate Photodiode Model for DC and High Frequency SPICE Circuit Simulation

Semi-Empirical Approach to Modeling Reverse Short-Channel Effect in Submicron MOSFET’s

A Simplified Approach for Noise Parameter Transformation Between Common Emitter and Common Base InP DHBT

Broadband Millimeter Wave Finline Antenna Simulation and Performance

Modeling of Antipodal/BCSSS Transition for Millimeter Wave Finline High Q Local Injected Mixer

A New Approach for the Extraction of Threshold Voltage for MOSFET’s

Xsim: A Compact Model for Bridging Technology Developers and Circuit Designers

Physically-Based Approach to Deep-Submicron MOSFET Compact Model Parameter Extraction

A Predictive Length-Dependent Saturation Current Model Based on Accurate Threshold Voltage Modeling

Measuring and Characterizing Sub-Micron Short Channel LDD MOSFETs

Simulation and Optimization of Tesla Valves

Design of Performance-Enhanced Fabry-Perot Micro-Cavity Structure With a Novel Single Deeply Corrugated Diaphragm

A Technology-based Compact Model for Predictive Deep-Submicron MOSFET Modeling and Characterization