Index of Affiliations

Mississippi State University

Surface Modification of Iron Oxide (Fe3O4) Micro- and Nano-particles with Stimuli Responsive Polymers

Missouri State University

Effect of carbon nanotubes on plant growth and gas exchange using Arabidopsis thaliana

Missouri University of Science and Technology

Computational Hierarchy Modeling of Self-assembled Polyurea Aerogels


Devices for Nanoparticle-based Cancer Detection


Dealing with Stiffness in Time-Domain Stokes Flow Simulation

Moldova State University

Spray Pyrolysis Technology for Nanodimensional Film Gas Sensors Manufacturing

Molecular Imaging

Sensing and Plotting Single Molecule Binding Events with the Atomic Force Microscope

Molecular Imaging, Corp.

Simultaneous Topography and RECognition Mapping with PicoTREC™: A Powerful New Technology That Can Be Used To Map Nanometer-Scale Molecular Binding Sites On A Variety Of Surfaces

Molecular Imprints Inc.

Scalable Nanopatterning using Roll-based Jet and Flash Imprint Lithography

Molecular Imprints, Inc

Step and Repeat UV Imprint Process Technology for Wafer-Scale Nano-Manufacturing

Monash University

Synthesis of new Metal Complex - Biomolecule Hybrids as Redox Sensors for Specific Nucleobases

Colloidal Structure-directing-agent-free Hydroxy-sodalite Nanocrystals

Synthesis and characterisation of flame-sprayed superparamagnetic bare and silica-coated maghemite nanoparticles

Nanoscale Force Induced Size-selective Separation and Self-assembly of Metal Nanoparticles

Pelletized silica and polyethyleneimine composites for CO2 capture via adsorption

Montana Tech

Colloidal apatite nanoparticles exhibiting luminescence and magnetic susceptibility

The Effect of Nanoparticles on Bacteriophage Infection

Montclair State University

Arrays of Cu2+-Complexed Organic Clusters Grown on Gold Nano Dots

Morehouse School of Medicine

Lyceum Chinense and Calcium Phosphate Nanoparticles for Ophthalmic Drug Delivery

Morewood Molecular Sciences, Inc.

A Homogenous Small Molecule Microarray for Enzymatic Assays