Index of Affiliations

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Tunneling Spectrum of Single-Spin Oscillations

Development and Characterization of a 2-D microchip-based Protein separation system.

Micro-Patterning of Ionic Reservoirs within a Double Bilayer Lipid Membrane to Fabricate a 2D Array of Ion-Channel Switch Based Electrochemical Biosensors

Highly Selective Capture and Transport of Rare Cells in Microfluidic Channels

Mesoporous Silica for Desorption-Ionization Mass Spectrometry

Control Synthesis of Functional Nanoassemblies using Langmuir-Blodgett Method

Nano-Diamond compressibility at pressures up to 85 GPa

Combination Ultrasonic- Dielectrophoretic Particle Traps for Particle Trapping and Sample Purification in a Microfluidic Channel

Modulation of g-Irradiation Induced ROS Responses by Engineered Fullerenes in Human Epidermal Keratinocytes

Myelin-mimetic lipid multilayers

Loughborough University

The use of PEO-PPO-PEO block copolymers in the synthesis of nano ZnO via the hydrothermal method

Poly(2,5-benzimidazole) Based Polymer Electrolyte Membranes for High Temperature Fuel Cell Applications

Louisiana State Univ.

Uncoil long DNA molecules in nanoposts array

Louisiana State University

Simulating 3-Dimensional Deep X-ray Lithography Using the CXrL Toolset

FEM Simulation for demolding process in thermal imprint lithography

Fabrication of Perforated Membranes in Polymers by Imprint Lithography

Low Cost Fabrication of Micro- and Nanopores in Free-Standing Polymer Membranes for Study of Lipid Adsorption

Characterization of Different Surfaces Morphology in Heterogeneous Catalyst

Fabrication of Nanostructures on Curved Surfaces Using PDMS Stamp

Microfluidic Platforms with Micro- and Nanopore Membranes and in situ Formation of Lipid Bilayer in the Microfluidic Platform