Index of Affiliations

Japan Atomic Energy Agency

The interpretation of the conventional superconductivity on the basis of hypothesis of small polaron

The concept of a superconductor of man-made 1D superlattice

Japan Atomic Energy Agency,Tokai

The Mechanism of Mediated Electrochemical Dissolution of Semiconducting Metal Oxide Particle

Jawaharlal Nehru University

Evidence for a direct interaction between poly-dispersed single-wall carbon nanotubes and murine erythrocytes resulting in in vitro and in vivo cytotoxicity

Jeonju Univ.

A Fiber-Optic Biosensor Based on Monooxygenases and Sol–Gel Entrapped Fluoresceinamine for Trichloroethene and Tetrachloroethene

Jeonju University

Simultaneous Determination of Heavy Metals Using Array Based Optical Chemical Sensor

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Fabrication of 20 nm Embedded Longitudinal Nanochannels Transferred from Metal Nanowire Patterns

Nanowire Sensors and Arrays for Chemical/Biomolecule Detection

Carbon-based Nanoelectronic Devices for Space Applicatoins

High-Efficiency Optical Absorbers Derived from Carbon Nanostructures

AC and DC Applications of Three-Dimensional Nano-electro-mechanical-systems

Jet Propulsion Laboratory/California Institute of Technology

Nanofluidic Size Exclusion Chromatograph for In Site Macromolecular analyses


Topical Sensory Nanoparticles for in vivo Biomarker Detection

Jilin University

A Neural-Network-Based-Method on Speed Control of Ultrasonic Motors

Jinan University

Synthesis and characterization of FITC-aminated agarose as highly-fluorescent labeling agent

Johannes-Gutenberg University

NanoBio-Tools for Selective Activation of Toll-like receptors (TLRs)

John's Hopkins University

A Stochastic Projection Method for Microchannel Flow

Johns Hopkins University

Quantum Dot-Mediated Separation-Free Assay for Point Mutation Detection

Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Palladium Nanoparticle Reinforced Fluoropolymer Composites

Johnson Matthey Technology Centre

Flame Spray Pyrolysis for the Production of Nanoparticles