Index of Affiliations

IBM Systems and Technology Group

BSIM Model for MOSFET Flicker Noise Statistics: Technology Scaling, Area, and Bias Dependence

IBM Systems Technology Group

LINFET: A BSIM class FET model with smooth derivatives at Vds=0


The Pulsation Reactor Process - Large Scale Production of Nano-Sized Metal Oxide Powders in a Single Step


Innovative PMMA/Silica nanocomposites for optical and biomedical applications

Idaho National Laboratory

Process Modeling Results of Bio-Syntrolysis: Converting Biomass to Liquid Fuel with High Temperature Steam Electrolysis

Idaho State U

Surfactant Effect on Intercellular Transport of DNA, Proteins, and Electrolytes

Idaho State University

Differential Effects of Surfactants on Enzyme Activity and Transport across a Semipermeable Cell

Transport of Ionic Electrolytes and Proteins through Semipermeable Membrane

Silicon Dioxide Nanoparticles Can Exert Cytotoxic Effects on Neural Cells

Cytotoxic Effects of Short Multi-wall Carbon Nanotubes

Silicon Dioxide Nanoparticles Exert Dissimilar Cytotoxic Effects on Mammalian Cell Types

Differential Cytotoxicity of Metallic Oxide Nanoparticles in Mammalian Cells

A Non-Contact Culture Model for Investigating Cell Signaling and Nanotoxicity

Characterization of DNA Transport through a Semipermeable Membrane with the Effect of Surfactants

Characterization and Applications of Modified Gold Electrode Sensor with Nanoparticles

Performance Comparisons of Nanoparticle Modified Sensor Electrodes for the Detection of Nitrite and Peroxide

Chitosan Film/Membrane as a Surface to Alter Brain Glioma Growth and Migration

Biomedical Applications of Modified Carbon Glassy Electrode Sensor with Nanoparticles and Dendrimers

Chitosan Membrane in Combinations with Nanoparticles and Adriamycin as a Treatment to Inhibit Glioma Growth and Migration

A Non-contact Co-Culture Model of Peripheral Neural Cells for Nanotoxicity, Tissue Engineering and Pathophysiological Studies