Index of Affiliations

Imperial College London

Nanopore/electrode structures for single molecule biosensing

Solid-state nanopores: a new tool for biomedical diagnostics

An Ab Initio Study of CuGaSe2 (001) Surface

Nanostructured TiO2 for Photovoltaic Hydrogen Production

Exploiting Nanotubes in Fuel Cells

Supramolecular Dielectric for Low Voltage Organic Electronics

Electrochemistry in nanopore/electrode structures - from pore fabrication to DNA sequencing-by-tunneling

Detecting oxidation and reduction of Cytochrome c on Single Nanoparticles in Flow Using SERRS

Investigating the role of the FOXA1 protein in cancer with Scanning Probe Microscopy

Novel Building Integrated Solar Concentrators

IMT Bucharest

Single resonator GaN/Si SAW based temperature sensor


Refined coarse-grain modeling of stamp deformation in nanoimprint lithography

UV-NIL with optimal droplets

Thin NIL films characterization (viscosity, adhesion) with rheological nano–probe

The IMPRINT software: quantitative prediction of process parameters for successful nanoimprint lithography


Modeling of the Piezoelectric Micropump for Imporving the Working Parameters

IMTEK - University of Freiburg

The Model of Porous Media - Complete Description for Aggregation of Bead-Monolayers in Flat Microfluidic Chambers

IMTEK, Albert Ludwig University

Capillary Forces in Micro-Fluidic Self-Assembly

mor4ansys: Generating Compact Models Directly From ANSYS Models

MEMS Compact Modeling Meets Model Order Reduction: Examples of the Application of Arnoldi Methods to Microsystem Devices