Index of Affiliations

IIT/Rush University

Brownian Dynamics Simulation of Transport Properties in Potassium Ion Channels

Hierarchical Simulation Approaches for the Design of Ultra-Fast Amplifier Circuits

Ilika Technologies LLC

The Discovery and Optimisation of Solid State Nano-materials for Energy and Electronics Sectors using MBE based Methodologies

Illinois Institute of Technology

Towards a Reliable Model of Ion Channels: Three-dimensional simulation of ionic solutions

Full-Band Cellular Automata for Modeling Transport in Sub-Micrometer Devices

Full-band Particle-based Simulation of Germanium-On-Insulator FETs

Nanofluidics: Wetting and Spreading Phenomena and Applications

Integration of Flow Batteries into Electric Vehicles: Feasibility and the Future

Illinois Institute of Technology Material Collaborative Access Team

Design of In-situ Electrochemical Cells for XAS Experiments

Ilmenau University of Technology

Non-contact biaxial nanoprobe utilized for surface measurements of MEMS

ImageXpert Inc.

Innovative Strobe-Based Drop Analysis Equipment for Non-Contact Dispensing Systems

Machine Vision System for Analysis of Drops-in-flight and Wetting Visualization

System for Measuring Drop Volume and Consistency in Lab-on-Chip Applications

Expanding Capabilities of a Machine Vision System for Analysis of Drops-in-flight

Imago Scientific Instruments Corp.

Local Electrode Atom Probes for 3-D Metrology

Imation Corp.

Imation Tera Angstrom™ Technology - Nanotechnology Applications


Analysis of the Nonlinear Behavior of a MEMS Variable Capacitor

A Multi-disciplinary Design Flow for Designing Embedded System on Silicon

Enhanced Mass Sensing for Nanomechanical Resonators

On Chip Induced Phagocytosis for Improved Neuronal Cell Adhesion