Index of Affiliations

I.A. University

Antibacterial activity on Polyamide and Natural fabrics using Low Temperature Plasma

IAM, National Taiwan University

An Effective Passive Micromixer Employing Herringbone Structure


Modeling FET Variation Within a Chip as a Function of Circuit Design and Layout Choices

Modeling Small MOSFETs using Ensemble Devices

A Simple Yet Accurate Mismatch Model For Circuit Simulation

Modeling MOSFET Process Variation using PSP

Simulating CMOS Circuits Containing Multiple FET Types Including the Geometric Dependence of Correlation between FET Types

Optimal Skew Corners for Compact Models

Methodology and Design Kit Integration of a Broadband Compact Inductor Model

Modeling of Spatial Correlations in Process, Device, and Circuit Variations

Elements of Statistical SPICE Models

Impact of Gate-Induced-Drain-Leakage current modeling on circuit simulations in 45nm SOI technology and beyond

Modeling of Gate Leakage, Floating Body Effect, and History Effect in 32nm HKMG PD-SOI CMOS

Modeling of Mismatch and Across-Chip Variations in Compact Device Models

Characterization and Modeling of Metal Finger Capacitors

Discreteness and Distribution of Drain Currents in FinFETs

Computational Studies on Mechanisms for the Organocatalytic Depolymerization of Poly(ethylene) Terephthalate

An Efficient and Accurate Schematic Transistor Model of FinFET Parasitic Elements

GIDL Current and Pass-Gate Body Potential Modeling in 22nm HKMG PD-SOI CMOS

IBM Almaden Research Center

Nanogel Star Polymer Nanostructures of Controlled Size, Molecular Architecture and Functionality: No Assembly Required