Index of Affiliations

Hosei University

STM/STS Studies of SWNTs in Bundles, C60 Thin Films and DNA Molecules

Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems

The Mechanical Fabrication of Nanocomposites and Engineered Particles

Houston Advanced Research Center

An OMICs Approach for Assessing the Safety of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes in Human Skin and Lung Cells

Environmentally Friendly Production of Unconventional Natural Gas Resources

Howard University

Optimizing Processing Conditions to Influence the Morphology of Nanocomposite

Next Generation Aerospace Composites Through Nanotechnology

Chemically Functionalized Clay Epoxy Nanocomposites for Aerospace Applications

The Development of Stealth Poly-Ɛ-Caprolactone Nanoparticles For the Delivery of Bioactive Agents

pH Responsive Polymeric Nanoparticles Fabricated by Dispersion Polymerization as a Platform for the Delivery of Anticancer Drugs

Howrey LLP

Potential Insurance Coverage Issues Arising from Nanotechnology: Big Risks Could Come in Small Packages

HRL Labs

Room-Temperature InAlAs/InGaAs Planar Tunneling-coupled Transistor

Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Three dimensional metal film catalyst assisted etching of silicon

Au nanoparticles decorated hydrothermally processed rutile TiO2 nanorods for photoelectrochemical water splitting

Humboldt Universitat zu Berlin

Nanosecond Range Heating and Temperature Measurement on Thin Layers Experiment and Simulation

HuNan University

Preparation, properties and thermal control applications of silica aerogel infiltrated with solid-liquid phase change materials

Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Novel organic-inorganic nanohybrids based on poly(N,N-dimethyl acrylamide)-l-polyisobutylene amphiphilic polymer conetworks

Hungaryan Academy of Sciences

Nanophase Separated Anionic Amphiphilic Model Polymer Conetworks Based on Methacrylic acid

Hungkuang University

Thin film-resistive gas sensor with SnO2/Au nanocomposite for hydrogen sulfide detection

HungKuang University

A sensing properties study on miniature Au/SnO2 gas sensor for hydrogen sulfide detection

Hunter College

Preparation and Characterization of New Lanthanide materials: Layered Double Hydroxide Intercalated by Luminescent Polyoxometalate Anions with Dawson-like [Eu(H2O)3(a2-P2W17O61]7- and Keggin-like [Eu2(H2O)2(PW11O39)]4-