Index of Affiliations

Federal University of Campina Grande

Natural Gas in Syngas Conversion Over Nanosize Catalysts

Federal University of Minas Gerais

Y-nano X-micro Technologies: nanometric optical control

Federal University of Paraíba

Boehmite nanometric with high surface area synthesized from a microwaves hydrothermal method

Federal University of Santa Catarina

Extraction of Mosfet Effective Channel Length and Width Based on the Transconductance-To-Current Ratio

Unambiguous Extraction of Threshold Voltage Based on the Transconductance-to-Current Ratio

Symbolic charge-based MOSFET model

Compact Modeling of Nonlinearities in Submicron MOSFETs

Interrelations between Threshold Voltage Definitions and Extraction Methods

Charge-Based Formulation of Thermal Noise in Short-Channel MOS Transistors

Consistency of compact MOSFET models with the Pao-Sah formulation: consequences for small-signal analysis

A Setup for Automatic MOSFET Mismatch Characterization under a Wide Bias Range

MOSFET threshold voltage: definition, extraction, and applications

Federal University of Uberlandia

Comparison and Critical Analysis of Experimental Results and Correlations for Thermal Conductivity of Nanofluids

Federal University Of Uberlandia

Thermal Performance of Silver/Water Nanofluids in Heat Exchangers

Federal University of Viçosa

Synthesis and characterization of new nanoparticles formed by milk whey proteins submitted to a thermal gelation process

FEE CTU in Prague

3D Electrostatic Energy Harvester

FEI Company

Optimization of Nano-Machining with Focused IonBeams

Advanced Particle Beam Technologies for Nano-Characterization and Fabrication

High resolution Nanolithography using Focused Ion Beam Scanning Electron Microscopy (FIB SEM)

New Characterisation Techniques for the Study of Nanoscale Polymeric Systems in Two- & Three-Dimensions