Index of Affiliations

Chulalongkorn University

Graphene –modified Carbon Paste Electrode for Cadmium and Lead Monitoring with Flow based System

Triple protection delivery system for retinaldehyde: Preparation, skin penetration and controlled release at the hair follicles.

Graphene/polyaniline nanocomposite modified electrode for biosensors

Chung Ang University

Mechanical Properties of SiC Nanotubes

Chung Shan Medical University

Synthesis and Characterization of Spiral Carbon Nanofibers Containing Pd Metal Cluster by using Pd2(dba)3 as Catalyst

Chung-Ang University

Modeling and Simulation of Non-Linear Damage Growth During Ion Implants in Silicon

Melting of Ultrathin Copper Nanobridges

Molecular Dynamics Study of Electromechanical Nanotube Random Access Memory

A Nanoelectronic Device Based on Endofullerene Peapod: Model Schematics and Molecular Dynamics Study

Chung-Hua University

Linear Analysis of Large Deflection of Heated and Clamped Isotropic Layered Plate Under Initial Tension

Sensitivity of Initially Stressed Un-symmetric Micro-Layered Plate in Large Deflection due to Lateral Load

Chungbuk National University

Biological synthesis of copper nanoparticles using plant extract

Chungnam National University

Fabrication and Application in Microfluidics of Novel Transparent Preceramic Polymer Derived Glass Microcannels and Substrates

Preparation and characterization of Sulfonated High Impact Polystyrene (SHIPS) ion exchange nanofiber by electrospinning

A Study of Inorganic-Polymer Hybrid Films for Various Surface Functionalization

Viscosity Behavior of Magnetic Nanoparticle Filled Fluids and Impact Resistance of Their Fabric Composites

Manufacturing and Properties of Nanofiber Composites

Redesign of Magnetostrictive Inkjet PrintHead

Feasibility of Wheel-Based Magnetostrictive Energy Harvester

A Controller Design for SEPIC in a Fuel Cell Battery